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About this book

Sports technological tools and innovations are gaining increasing significance in amateur, elite, and health-related sports. Sports technology refers to the application of scientific and technical principles, along with innovative technologies, to enhance athletic performance, increase safety, and consequently optimize the overall sporting experience. This involves the design, development, and utilization of equipment, devices, systems, and software specifically tailored for athletic purposes.

This textbook aims to encompass the broad diversity of sports technology by featuring contributions from over 30 authors within their respective specialized fields, summarizing the latest insights concisely. The work is structured into five main sections: Data Acquisition Systems, Sports Equipment and Materials, Diagnostics, Evaluation and Communication, and Selected Fields of Application. 

Students with a connection to sports science gain a comprehensive understanding of sports technology supported by a carefully designed concept that facilitates easy delivery of learning content. Digital learning cards (SN Flashcards) reinforce the learning effect and ensure optimal exam preparation. For advanced learners, in-depth discussions on topics such as tracking data, digital training assistants, sports floor characteristics, virtual reality in sports, smartphone apps, and diagnostic tools offer additional value.

Table of contents (28 chapters)

  1. Diagnostics

    1. Panoramic Ultrasound Imaging and MyotonPRO

      • Florian Wegener, Matthias W. Hoppe

      Pages 159-166

  2. Evaluation and Communication

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 167-167

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    2. Feedback Systems

      • Peter Leinen, Stefan Panzer

      Pages 169-176

    3. Smartphone Apps

      • Peter Düking, Billy Sperlich

      Pages 177-183

    4. Movement Sonification: Intermodal Transformation of Movement Data to Enhance Motor Learning

      • Alfred O. Effenberg, Tong-Hun Hwang

      Pages 185-195

  3. Selected Fields of Application

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 197-197

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    2. Metrics in Soccer

      • Daniel Memmert

      Pages 199-205

    3. Serious Games

      • Josef Wiemeyer

      Pages 207-215

    4. The Digital Twin: New Opportunities for Diagnostics and Control?

      • Patrick Wahl, Holger Broich

      Pages 217-225

    5. Vibrations and damping systems in cycling

      • Josef Viellehner

      Pages 227-233

    6. Performance Analysis in Soccer

      • Daniel Link

      Pages 235-241

    7. Esports Assessment

      • Chuck Tholl, Lisa Krampe, Peter Bickmann, Markus Soffner, Ingo Froböse

      Pages 243-250

    8. Video-Based Decision Support for Referees in Sports Games

      • Lisa-Marie Schütz, Henning Plessner

      Pages 251-259

    9. Evolutionary Algorithms

      • Jürgen Edelmann-Nusser

      Pages 261-271

  4. Back Matter

    Pages 272-279

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